Tuesday, December 2, 2008


The other night while on the bus home from the Ceremony show I got off my bus about 2 miles from home and walked. Everything was frosted over, there wasnt a car on the road and nobody was around. It was really nice. I was listening to Explosions In The Sky and I was really happy. Lately ive been so good. Apart from not sleeping, everything has been great. Im so happy with what I have, so sorry to anyone ive been a dick to lately.

I went to Birmingham two weekends ago to the Easycore Tour. It was class and I had loads of fun. FYS and SYG killed it. Them and NFG are 3 of my favourite bands, so it was class to see them all in one night. Oscar is my boyyy.

Ceremony was Sunday. Im not into them really but headed up anyway. Ended and RT! were class. NH were good too,and I had to leave before Ceremony. I had sweet chats with Alex, Gajjy, Liamy and Tracy. All extremely good people.

Im extremely excited for Verse. Ill be seeing them twice, and then have WickedOwl's partaaaaay. I cant wait, for realsies. I cant wait to see FF. Im more excited for them than Verse. After Verse, we have our show up in Dundalk, which im stoked as fuck for, but its well eclipsed by my favourite band coming over two days later. Have Heart will be amazing. The lineup is incredible and the atmosphere will be class id say.

Im still single and its all gravy. I told someone how I felt about them the other night and didnt get much back. I was gutted to say the least. Maybe shes not who I thought.

Steal My Sunshine is my jam right now.

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