Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Kid Without A Clue

Ive been listening to so much Punchline after Inflatable Gods covered them.

So Horse The Band was last night in Dorans. I was really really happy that a good crowd turned up. I think theyre muck in fairness, but the locals were really good. I just cant get into Arcada, they have one really good song. Jack said last night that its like theyre trying to outsmart everyone in the crowd. I just cant find a good reason for them to be around. The bassist looks like Edge from WWE. Cover his theme tune lads.

It usually takes a hell of a lot to impress me from a band. Im pretty strange with my listening tastes. RAN are the best band I have seen in so long. They sound like a cross between Title Fight and Explosions In The Sky, or Explosions In The Sky if they had balls. The vocals are so good. Theyre so tight and just.. everything about them is great. During the end of the second last song I swear I couldnt stop smiling.

Real Talk! were so fucking good as well. I love singing along to them, such good lyrics and such good lads.

I legged it for my bus before HTB but it was a good night, had the sweet chats with Graham and Mark, Alex and Jack, Nelly and WickedOwl. Im taller than Emmie, best news.

I might finally have a band going. Detes whenever.


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