Thursday, December 11, 2008


Verse was this week.

It was amazing, thanks so much to Alex for letting me stay in his. Sweet couch, on the real. Forging Friendships fucking killed it. The last song they played was amazing.

I gave a friend a hard time lately over getting with a guy, and I was a complete asshole over it. Sorry. Last thing you need is your mate getting on your case over it. I was extremely selfish and im sorry. Its my jealous being taking over. It does hurt hearing you talk about other guys at times, but really, if it makes you happy, and I was a good friend, id be happy.

Thank you, for saying those things, D. Made me feel like I do all the stupid stuff I do for a reason.

This will be fucking amazing. December 22nd. Im living for it.

My girl, my girl, tell me why you look so sad...
Has the sun finally set on us?
Have you come to long for another's hand?
There's a feeling inside me that somethings leaving.
Like someone stealing salt from sea.
Left me sinking and left me thinking
how to keep you caged with me

Because I need you like air to breathe
Just to hold you.
o' I hold you.
o' how I hold you.
I hold you down.

Down with my insecurities
down with my hypocrisy
down with my pathetic pleas
down instead of setting you free
to find your happiness with or without me.

So untie your feat, reattach your wings
so you don't have to open your throat to sing.

Because if it's you I love, then from you...

I'd walk away.

And your face:
on every leaf
of every branch
of every tree.


alex [: said...

thats nice ^^ well not nice obv but write that or someone else?


Carpo said...

Its Have Heart. Gwan Flynner haha.