Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Id rather die on my feet...

Have Heart was last night. It was the best night of my young life so far. Theres been a lot of posts about "the scene" lately, and I didnt really want to do one but im just gonna throw my two cents in. Its easy to see how much whats going on lately means to some people. Dublin Hardcore is huge right now. When I started coming to shows, only a couple touring bands had been over. Since then, and since I turned 18, Blacklisted, Have Heart, Ceremony, Dirty Money, Comeback Kid and countless others have been over.

Im not claiming to be a part of whats going on. I go to shows, and I do my bit. We all know what was said over the last week or so. For someone to turn around and say that is such bullshit. Ive never felt more at home or welcomed than at a show. Nobody has any obligation to be nice to anyone else because they watch a band or hang around the scene, more than likely if someone actually bothers to be sound, they mean it. I know ive written about this before and I probably sound like a broken record, but before I found all of this, Hardcore, Dublin Hardcore, I had no sense of direction, no real drive or motivation. I feel these days like im living for something. Ive touched on the fact that I was an odd kid. I was depressed around the age of 16 for whatever reason. I couldnt explain it myself really. I had friends and I was good at school but nothing was my own. I grew up with two older sisters, and pretty much never had the company of other children growing up, I always thought that contributed to it.

The show last night was amazing. All the local bands killed it. Im sad to see RT! go for a while. They were always one of my favourite local bands, loved singing along. FAW were class. Six West is their best song by a mile. Forging Friendships are one of my favourite bands, not just in Ireland. The last song they played last night was fucking epic. That outro is so good. Everyone set it off loads and it was class to see. Have Heart's set was clehzzzzzzzz. Perfect mix of songs off the 3 releases. It was paced well and not rushed. I really liked Paddy's bits between songs. All of what he said really set the night off to a tee. If they dont come back this summer ill be travelling abroad to see them. On the Bird In The Cage was sickeningly good, as was No Roses No Skies. Fucking yeah.

This last year has been the best Ive ever had.
Ive made so many great friends. In Dublin and at home.
Ive fallen out with people I said I never would.
Ive seen my favourite bands play great shows and shit shows.
Ive screamed a thousand words back at faces wholl never remember me, and ones ill never forget.
Ive loved and not been loved.
Me and my parents have gotten on better than usual which is sweet.
I graduated from school, and did my Leaving Cert.
I started college.
My band broke up and I started writing again.
I started to run shows.
I finally told someone I should told a long time ago to fuck off.
I went to Birmingham to see three of my favourite bands with 3 proper dudes and a sound girl.
I blogged about going to the shop and getting some Tayto.
I didn't grow a moustache.
I grew up a hell of a lot.

Hopefully 2009 will rule harder.

Well done Forging Friendships on getting your deal. Release your fucking 7" FAW.


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