Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Its been ages.

This week has been a pretty big week for me. I graduated,which I expected to be an amazing feeling. However,it wasnt. As much as i claim the contrary, ill miss the place. I probably wont see people much anymore. They were mere acquaintances but I will still miss their presence. Something as simple as a hello or a high five that can make you smile for a second. Ill miss it. Ill miss some people who were an influence on me too, like my english teacher. Pity I never got to tell her that she was a big influence on me. Despite all my latecomings and shortcomings, she always pushed me to succeed at it, because she knew I could. I have been so lazy this year, people who know me will tell you this, but I dont regret it. I will reap what I sew, and I understand that. Note to anyone going into fifth year, dont doss it. Youll learn more that year than any other.
Ive had plenty great memories in the school. Ive met my best friends. Karl, Gareth, Hippo, Wayne, Danny. I wouldnt change it. I complain and complain but it really is the best time of your life. I did however promise myself one thing at the beginning of Sixth year and it never materialised. Only one person will get this,probably,but i really wish they couldve fulfilled it for me. Cant blame them for not wanting too though, I wouldnt have.
So tomorrow I graduate properly. Last time together as a group. Were gigging in the Castle and all heading to Luna then. Im looking forward to it, the group dont get to hang out enough. Ill have to look at some people all night however, which wont be great.
This summer is going to be amazing, although I have to get through the LC first. My summer however starts on May 31st at what should be the Guns Up! show, but will actually be a Save Your Breath show in Dorans. I cannot fucking wait. Ive been listening to that band nonstop for weeks.

No one ever made me believe like you
That I could do whatever I wanted to do
That I could be whoever I wanted to be
And if you're going down
You're taking me.

Hopefully ill get to hang out with cool doodz more too, like Graham and Andrew. Andrew Kelly is a fucking hero for the record. SIDE TO SIDE. haha. Spent the 26th of April with him at the CW All Ager. My Grandad also passed away that night. It was rough to be honest, im not going to lie. Granda lived with me most of my life, and I was named after him. I miss him like fuck. The house feels so empty. He never once went into hospital. He stayed at home with us the whole time through his sickness and died with his daughters and son. I miss him so much.
I hope ill get to see Sas more this summer too. Shes probably impacted more on my life than anyone this year. I mean that in the best way. I could write another four blogs on her, but shes heard it all before. She knows how I feel.

Im gonna wrap it up. Come to Dorans on the 31st of May. Real Talk! are releasing their demo and First Death are releasing their new EP.



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