Friday, May 23, 2008


So last night I graduated. The ceremony itself was nothing special. Everyone got dressed up and such,and it was nice to see everyone. Rebekah's speech was good, well done. Me and Gareth had to leg it afterwards unfortunately, we were gigging in the castle at ten. It was fucking jammers by the time we got there. Teachers and all out. My amp fucking blew half way through the set, so ill be needing a new one. But yeah,the gig was class. Floor was filled the whole night. Mr McGowan played drums for a song and Tony FUCKING Corcoran went crowdsurfing. So anyway yeah, we gigged,we danced. We then headed to Luna. Myself and the Colm fella headed in and I paid for him cos he always gives me lifts places. He waltzes up to the bar when we get in and starts filling me with Jagermeister the fuck haha.

I had a great night,im not going to lie. One of the best nights ive ever had. It was tinged with angst though. Ill miss everyone. Bar the Debs, its the last time everyone will be together. I told everyone they better fucking keep in touch or they're dead.

Shit went down after Luna hahaha. Fight Night 08. It was all fucking ridiculous, but i had a good laugh looking on. To the dope that hit my mate, youre fucking dead, you sap.

Its Stephs bday tomorrow.
Gwan Steph. Just thought id say how deadly she is in this paragraph. Cheers for always listening to me rant and rave about the most intricate details of my relationships with people. Thanks for never losing patience with me. Hope you get everything you deserve outta life. Yeow. Have a good birfday.

Im off to listen to Set Your Goals. Best band. " Its a revelation, a moment of clarity...."

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