Saturday, April 12, 2008

I miss....


I seriously cant describe how much I miss it. I wish it was still how it used to be. Those involved know what im talking about. I dunno if I can use my words well enough to do it justice.

Everything was so easy back then. We had such a huge group of friends, and people even commented wishing they could have a group like ours. We knew the cracks were there though. And we couldnt stop it. People defected, and fast. I made my best friends out of it. We survived fuckloads, so many arguments but we always knew we'd still be there. All of us had rough times but were still together.
We have newbies too, like Wayne haha. "The Boys" will hopefully continue through college, but I know when im older ill look back on 06 and think FUCK. Best summer of my life. We did absolutely fuck all in the best way possible. We sat on that one patch of grass so much that by the end of August it was worn bare, and strewn with Hippo's calippo wrappers that we'd all paid for ha. That summer was drama central, and it made it all the more fun. I wish things were still as simple. Lately the smallest shit is blown out of proportion, when back then it would have been laughed off in HQ. I wish we could have one more day like it. Just one more, to remember it by. We have our nights out but it doesnt feel right when you're not constantly looking over your shoulder clutching a brown paper bag. We bounced off girls like we bounced off the shattered remnants of HQ. Nothing was serious. People put friends first, it still happens but not as much.

I want to see the sunset over me
Catch up with an old friend
See a girl I used to let do cartwheels up and down my heart
Telling secrets under water
Getting Valentine flowers
I'll wait by this mailbox for you or your letter

Going out was a big deal.
So was kissing a girl.
Getting drunk was a huge deal. It was planned weeks in advance.
Days out were spontaneous.
Mates were constant.
College Park was full. Everyday. Of the same people.
You know everyone.
We all got along.
Now its gone.


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