Sunday, April 6, 2008

I gave you my heart....

Its all i had to give form the start.
Now youre slamming doors, in my face, and im irate.

Thanks Iano. Thats my fucking anthem dude.

I havent updated this in nearly a month and Sas was being the best person ever and kindly reminding me to update my blog, so i thought i better do it.
Guess ill start with Secret Location haha. It was so good. Every band fucking killed it. Thanks to Mackell for letting me stay too, and to Gav,Fab,Glenn,Foxy and Ciaran for being good dudes. And Gav for the bus fare. Respect.

I had a college interview last week and fucking nailed it, but it leaves me with a really fucking hard choice. Stay close to home and have mates here, the people i love most. Or try get into IADT, and get one of the things I love most every week, and a new life. Decisions, decisions.

TFT played a good bit over the holidays. The gigs were eventful to say the least. We broke up 18 times. I got drunk and shit, and got to see people i hardly ever do which ruled. Cheers to whoever came to see us!

I was in Fundalk on Saturday for the first time in ages. Actually ruled to see Sas again. She confuses me. They all do. Ill settle for laughing at asofterworld with her though. Cos it makes me ridiculously happy. Shes taken on my Brand New fanboyism too, which rules, cos know i can talk about how amazing Jesse is to someone else.

Dood I need a gf. All the lads have someone, Hippo's practically married haha <3 Im chilling at the bar in Luna buying for two and pouring one down the sink ha.

People have finally been telling me the truth about what they think about me lately. Its refreshing yet scary. Apparently im the worlds biggest dickhead but im a decent listener. Gwan me. "Do me a favour baby dont reply, cos I can dish it out, but I cant take it"

Irish oral's are next week! So are music practicals! Im playing a couple Reuben Teskey songs and shtuff. Wish me luck.

Happy blogging



Anonymous said...

"She confuses me. They all do."

Very Profound.
someone great said that, I assume?
besides you, that is.

gajbireland said...

The orals are freakin' me out.

ianthefox said...


Brand New rule more than most bands.