Friday, March 14, 2008

Forget everything you think you know about me

Living for that gig at the minute. Im ridiculously excited for it. Real Talk! are going to be amazing. As as Find A Way and everyone else.

Brand New trip lately. Good times.

People. Bad times.

Its been ages since i updated this, ive been neglecting my online duties. Damn. Well, since my last post i sat my LC Mocks. Bit of a disaster but oh well, i did zero study. Hoping for 365 points in the LC. Dun Laoghaire here i come.

Things are going to be differant when i get out of here. I wont have to listen to anyone i dont want to. I dont have to see people i cant stand the sight of. I wont have to walk around these same streets waiting for something to happen. Maybe distance will be a healer too. I can start to forget about people who've clearly forgotten about me. Maybe they never cared at all. For someone who changed their life, itd be nice to be acknowledged as actually existing every once in a while. Ever get that feeling that, if you hated someone, itd be so much easier? Well, ive tried so hard to do that, listened to people tell me all the reasons i should, and STILL i dont. Some people need to cop on. I felt so cast aside by some lately. People ive always been there for, and never asked for anything in return, except maybe someone to talk to when i needed them. Youre my friend when it suits you. And you know it. I mighnt be the cool guy who'll get you looks of appreciation walking through the hordes of clones, but i will... No.. Wouldve stood by you.

Real Talk! are the best fucking thing ever. Loving Mac's stage presence. Gonna be such an awesome frontman. 21 is insanely good. The lyrics are fucking awesome and Dave's drums are class. Play faster shorter sets! Ralphy took a vid of their first set and its up on their myspace page

From The Heart Fest is on this weekend too. I wouldve loved to go but shit got too expensive. Hope the lads have a class time over there.

This weekend promises to be fun. Hopefully it will also be dope free.

Im gonna go watch this weeks Raw. Peace.


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