Wednesday, September 2, 2009

August 3rd 2009

Was just a little short of a month ago. Its now September and im starting college next Wednesday. Ill be studying Cultural and Film Studies. Im looking forward to it I guess. Im scared and all that jazz but fuck it. Its time to do something productive with my life.

Speaking of which, between my last post and this, Gajjy, Alex and I released RAN's mini album and its class. Buy it off the band so they can record more deadly stuff. The night was really good too, thanks to anyone who made it out, despite the fact it was midweek and all. It was pretty packed.

On August 3rd, my favourite person and me sorted something we should have a long time ago. Ive never been more happy in my life, but the city has never seemed further away. Im going to miss her alot. So much. I wish I wasnt shit at life and was going to college in Dublin with her. Shes living with my mate though, so ill be able to stay loads hopefully. We were in town yesterday and we had an argument. The whold way through she stood with her arms on my collarbone and looked at me. Ive never had an argument where I felt completely at ease with the other person. I know she thinks ill lose interest because shes away, but its completely the opposite. I know how lucky I am to have someone in my life that I care that much about. Its class.

Brand New's new album is the best shit ever. Represent.

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Cathal said...

You can stay anytime bro. We can play N64 and shit.