Friday, July 17, 2009

So lately...

Things have been amazing. The last 9 days have changed so much about... everything. I went to Have Heart last Wednesday and it was an amazing day. They are the absolute best band and I owe alot of me changing to them, and I guess, hardcore in general. They are also a band that the girl 90% of this blog is about, and I, bonded over I suppose. We both love them. We hung out all day before it, just being messers in Stephens Green and stuff. We met up with Noonan later and headed to the show for the buzz. I moshed hard for Forced Out and Famine. Easily two of my favourite bands. Famine are the best band in Ireland. During Rise and Fall I just chilled at the back with Shauna. Shipwreck were too delicious. Have Heart were next and it was a pretty amazing experience. They played everything I would have wanted to here, even No Roses, No Skies. Afterwards Shauna, Noonan and I headed for our lifts/bus. In the shop grabbing some tins of coke, Shauna kissed me. To be honest, it was class aha. We walked on for a bit and she kissed me again. It was kinda surreal in my mind.

The 8 days that followed were some of the best of my life. Hanging out, being saps, just enjoying each others company. Two years of prologue. Stupid decisions on my part. Eventually we got it right. Shes gone away for two weeks now and I miss her alot already. When she gets back and goes to college I hope we can do this properly. I havent stopped smiling since that night, and I dont intend on doing so anytime soon.

Ive never wanted anything so bad.
Nothing will ever be the same again.

Im doing a 35 mile cycle for charity tomorrow. Wish me luck. Im probably going to pass out but fuck it. Its for a good cause. Tomorrow night is a really good friend of mines 21st. Im really looking forward to it. Im gonna try fill the next two weeks with as much as I can to make it go quick. I know people will probably think im a sap for writing this but I couldnt care less. Im seriously so genuinely happy for the first time in so long. I hope it stays like this for a long time.

The Wonder Years are playing next Thursday and Friday. Stall it.



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yay for being happy! and best of luck on the cycle, if you haven't done it already. Will read the rest of your posts and then perhaps update mine! :P