Thursday, June 11, 2009


Last night was the best ive felt in probably years. Perfect.

It only took me a matter of hours to shatter that. I had to say everything I did though. I dont like having things unsaid. It would have been easy for me to carry on like everything was so perfect. I would have been relatively happy. I dont like to settle for something though. I know youll read this. Dont settle for a safe bet. Long shots are generally more fun. Place a little money, or faith on a long shot, and you could become very rich. Hedge your bets on a safe one, and continue in mediocrity. I know what id choose. So do you, I think. But youre scared. And I dont blame you. Just, last night surely proved to you what ive been saying for so long.

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Rii said...

If this is what i think it was about, you were wrong to say anything.