Monday, November 3, 2008

Friends and shit.

I have one single picture of me and you. Its sitting directly opposite me now. for 5 years you were my best friend. For 3 you were my only friend. How quickly things change given a change of scenery. That said, I saw it coming last year, yes, but I didnt expect this. Youre cutting me out of your life and im being replaced with people more suited to your parents or society. Your parents never liked me. Your other friends pretended to, but clearly they didnt. Fuck losing friends. I have no picture of us on my wall anymore.

I didnt get to sleep last night till around 5, and I was up for college at 8. I went in and was told that we had the whole day off. Fucking great. It wasnt bad actually. Pete, Taaffe, AnnMarie, Levins, Quigley and I all headed into Dundalk for a while. We sat in the marshes for a couple hours just talking. It was really good fun. A couple of those people are slowly becoming really good friends of mine.

At the minute, Brand New and Have Heart are in my CD player alot. I definitely prefer Things We Carry now. Last month I preferred Songs To Scream At The Sun. It depends on my mood I suppose. I need to make a b9 order soon. Anyone else want in?

Halloween was last week. I dressed up as Tom from Father Ted. I had a bunny impaled on a sword and all. I went up to Keiths house for a little while which was really fun. We watched fucked up videos and played Guitar Hero. I drank whiskey. It was good. I headed out to meet Laura in Luna afterwards. She was shitfaced as per usual. For the third week in a row she was in tears within ten minutes of me talking to her. I do feel for her boyfriend sometimes. Hes a really nice guy, and shes a great girl but theyre completely different. He has no idea how to deal with her when she gets like that. Hes really innocent and not Laura. I do hope they work out though, she deserves a nice guy.

I cant wait for the Moshspace Anniversary show. Its gonna be the tits. Class lineup, and a couple people from college are coming up. I cant wait to see Fishtank Parnell and Inflatable Gods espescially, but everyone on the lineup is deadly.

I got asked to maybe start a new band the other day. Its with nice lads and id love to work something out. Ive gotten a few offers lately but nothing id be interested in really.

Im going to a Debs in August with Sas, I cant fucking wait. I hope its good, she deserves it.


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Sas. said...

Roll on August.