Monday, October 20, 2008

Summers Gone

YO. Its been ages since I last blogged, im gonna try and do 3 or 4 a week from now on. Ive been mad stoked on reading blogs lately. Iano, Zach, Mackell and Joe all have class ones. I like WickedOwls too, but I dont really know her, sweet blog though.

I started college since I last blogged, doing Creative Media in Fundalk. I love it really. Everyone is really nice except one dude. Hes an over aggressive cunt. Ive made some deadly friends through it, and have started hanging out with older mates too. College rules.

Since then also brought the demise of my band. RIP Familiar Things. Les Croissant. Various other names. 2004 - 2008. Buzz was had majorly in the band, I was in it with my best mates. Shit began to get strained by the end though, so we called it a day. I miss it loads already, I want to be in another band as soon as I can be. Id love to be in a pop punk band, nobody around here would be down though.

Ive been listening to lots of new music lately. Tigers Jaw are still the business. Been listening to a ridiculous amount of Yellowcard too, theyre so fucking good. Band of the minute are Have Heart though. Id always been into them but lately ive just gotten into them so much more, I think it was the Dublin gig that spurred me on to listen. About Face and Armed With A mind are amazing off Things We Carry, No Roses, No Skies and Brotherly Love off Songs To Scream At The Sun are my favourite. December 22nd, Ruaille Buaille. Stall it.

Stuff coming out of Dublin at the minute is still amazing. Cant wait for the FAW 7". Hopefully some new Real Talk! at some stage too, thatd be class. The Shower Scene are doing well too, and I still think theyre a fucking class band. Im really excited for two bands, Young Wolves and Dead Wrong who will be playing around Dublin soon hopefully. My two favourite vocalists are fronting the bands, Iano and Nelly respectively. Young Wolves are Pop Punk and the samples sound class. Dead Wrong are hardcore and I cant wait to hear it. Yo, Andrew, where the fuck are Chillin Spree at?

I was at the SEBP Album Launch a couple weeks ago with family and my mate Colm. It was sweet. Buzz was had and the place was jammers. I got talking to Vinny from the Vinny Club too, hes a class dude, and their set was cuhlazz. The remix album is deadly,apart from a couple too many remixes of a certain track, but nonetheless, sweet.

Im going to Birmingham in a month to see Four Year Strong, Set Your Goals, Crime In Stereo and New Found Glory. I cant fucking wait. I know Gajjy and Alex are going, dunno who else ill know there but I dont care. I love all 4 bands so fucking much. Thinking about getting an SYG tattoo but ill see how shit goes.

Its Karl/Wayne/Katch/Taaffes Birthdays this weekend. Fuck haha. No way am I gonna have time for all that. Karl and Katch are out saturday night methinks, Taaffee friday so it SHOULD be grand. I cant wait. Everyone will be around for the first weekend in so long. Everyones either off at college or just acting the dick and ignoring me lately. Tis shit.

I started talking to Saoirse again recently, which is mad. Both of us were going through the same shit and never knew it. It had only been 3 weeks but thats loads,shes my best mate in fairness. I dont say that to her enough, and I really should.

Im procrastinating big time here, college assignments to be done.

Listen to Forging Friendships.



Sachi said...

Get Blogging More Often Mister. I miss it =[
Loveyou! xxx

xMac Kellx said...

We've started to write an EP. We should have a new song for HORSE The Band if we can get it together.