Monday, December 10, 2007



Find A Way. FUCK. I haven't even seen them yet, just one video, and im hooked. Zach looks like a damn good fucking frontman. Had a lazy day off school today, couldn't find my bag this morning. You really wouldn't think i was "studying" for my Leaving Cert. Spent the day trawling forums, and trying to think of something witty to write here. I failed miserably.
Went christmas shopping yesterday, got most of my presents, and picked up Family Guy season 6 for myself. Usually shows grow stale over time, but i still fucking love this.
New Found Glory are playing, wahey. Its the night before my mocks start.. Not so wahey. Ill find a way to go though, love the band, even though i hate their new video. Hopefully the bring All Time Low or Paramore with them.

I just cant seem to comprehend
The speed at which you're willing to bend
Your back to comply with what they need
And continue your fall at such speed
Allow yourself a second
To think about yourself
Not what you SHOULD do
Not anybody else.
I used to try,to truly attempt to
Decide upon who i could trust
These days I just try,to survive
I try to break away,to keep myself alive
From these chaotic bonds we break
And the careless decisions I make
Have i lost out?
Am i as bad as,what I said I'd never become?
I need to start over
Ill form a plan,and then
Ill raze it to the ground
And form something again.

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