Friday, December 28, 2007


Started talking to two really good dudes today. First one was Dave. He seems like a great dude. Hooked me up with some FAW,i appreesh that muchly. Secondly was Nelly. I barely know the guy,and i already think hes an amazing dude. Hopefully when he gets back from Canada ill be somewhere in Dub and we can hang. Twould be cool.

Today was boring. Was supposed to have practice,but G bailed,so i went to Dundalk with my main man Danny. We bought bitching hats,and ate amazing Fully Loaded meals from KFC. Backed hard.
Last night i had a rough time.... I tried sorting things out late last night,but my mind doesnt work so well so late,so i gave up. Planned on trying again today but things didnt work out. I know you're lurking this page hard so. Talk to me,yeah?
The Find A Way recordings are sick. Loving Zach's vocals,its great to hear the Dub accent shining through in Community. PLEASE use the words "Curry Sauce" or "Batter Burger" in a song. Gwan. The instrumentation is class,and the lyrics are awesome. Learned already. Cant wait to see them live.
I cant wait to be in Dublin for college either. So many things i wanna do. I wanna get into a band so badly. So many dudes i wanna hang with. So much of my life i want to live. I dont actually care what course i do in college anymore,as long as it gets me out of this fucking town.
Im in work tomorrow,i should really be asleep,its 1:30am,and im wide awake. My sleeping patterns are all over the place. FUCKING Christmas.
Peace out blog.

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xMac Kellx said...

Being up at 1.30am is what life is all about.

Get an xbox when you hit Dublin.