Monday, December 31, 2007


Was a...... Strange year. Alot happenned. I lost some friends i thought i never would. I fought with people i could never imagine doing anything to me that would warrent a fight. I made amazing new friends. I hurt. I laughed a fuck load. I sang a fuck load more.I hung out with friends more than ever. I went to school...sometimes. I lived.

To the new people in my life. Sas,Ali,Holl,Saoirse,Dean,Donal,Luke,Kev,Laura,OOM heads. Thanks for being there for me,no questions asked,when you had absolutely no obligation to do so. Means alot more to me than i could show in words. Ill make it up to you,somehow.
To the guys that were there all along. Danny,Karl,Gareth,Wayne,Hippo,Mark,Starks,Raff,the college park crew. Its been a year,eh? Weve been through alot. Too much,infact. Weve lost people. Weve gained people. Weve gone out way too much,weve drank far too much(KARL COUGH HIPPO COUGH:P) weve sang along at shows,weve made music. LARK. Weve chilled at eachothers houses. Weve listened to daft punk at 1000 decibels. Theyve smoked. I havent. Karls quitting. Bullshit. We started sixth year,we'll hopefully finish. Danny didnt,hes only a young fella. Karl started a studio. Hippo moved house. TWICE. Gareth had a house built onto his house. So did Karl. Wayne broke his bass. Mark got a job,in MY SHOP. Starkie got sick. Raff got laid... OOOOH. I... Well, Im not sure. I saw my favourite band of all time at Tripod. Brand New. My buds came too. Gareth,Karl,Starks and STEO SKITZ. It was a great day. Chillin in the queue with randomers. Scary they were. I made amazing new friends, Sas and Saoirse come to mind to me the most. They are two of the coolest people on the planet. They rule hard. Theres been couples too! Not many lasted ha. Kate and Hippo did,and im genuinely happy for those two dudes. Two of the nicest people in the world,who make eachother happy. Go team. Lorrainne and Dean? Broke up lots? Love eachother? Hell yeah.
I found DBH. AMAZING. First Death. Find a Way. Barntown. Forging Friendships. BTH. CSF. Reuben Teskey. Chewie. Ciaran Parnell. Inflatable Gods. Fucking hell. I was always a music fan,but i never knew that all this was brewing only a 40 minute bus trip away. To any person who wrote a song that got me through a day. Thanks. To Alan,Reuben,Iano,Nelly,Mack,Dave,Gav,Glenn,Ciaran,or anyone else i talked to,thanks for talking,its nice. I swear ill repay everyone somehow. I guess i ended the year in style. Tied up some loose ends,settled some scores. Tonight im going to celebrate. FUCK ive been down this year,but i wouldnt change a single thing that happened.


xMac Kellx said...

Happy New Year man. Thank you for coming to the shows.

gajbireland said...

Good man Carpo.

xGavx said...

Posi blogs rule.

Carpo said...

Makes a nice change ha. Im usually negi as fuck.