Friday, January 8, 2010


Was the best year of my life.

Despite everything shit that happened the first few months, things wouldnt be the same without those months. Im not going to do a review of the year, just point out a few things that meant alot to me.

I finished my first college course. I made loads of mates in it, and I still talk to alot of them, which is cool.

I started running shows, which went real well too. I wish I was still doing it.

I saw Brand New in Glasgow, with some of the best lad. It was class as fuck. Aha. Moneen and Kevin Devine supported. Moneen were unbelievable. Graham and Mark are class.

I set up a small independant record label with my friend Alex and Graham. We released our first CD, which was the RAN mini album. The launch night was really class.

I ended up kissing, and subsequently asking out, the girl that this blog is definitely not about. Shes the best thing in my life. She's really gotten me through the last few months. I get to spend alot of time with her too, which I didnt think I would. Being at college in Dundalk is a hindrence, but we make it work. Both of us are going to Boston for the summer. It should be great. Im excited to spend it with her.

I became friend with lots of class people, drifted away from others, and became closer to others. I wouldnt change it, at all.

I started playing football and tennis again. I wish I could still play hurling.

I rang in the New Year with people ive met this year, which ruled. We had a snowball fight. I hope we can have more.

Life is pretty class.

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the girl that stole the eiffel tower said...

omg, i didnt know you had a label! thats amazing. if i was actually good at anything i would ask you to put me on. but its probably for hardcore or something.
im so happy you had a good year, you deserve it more than most people i know :)