Saturday, March 14, 2009

He said Son...

Where did this all go wrong?

Young Wolves are going to be my favourite band.

About three weeks ago I got a phonecall off my Dad while I was out telling me that him and my mother had broken up. Im not saying I didnt see it coming but I was in shock a bit. I didnt go home for a few days, I stayed in my sisters and my mates houses, its nice that I could do that, im grateful for it. When I went home, I didnt really speak to either of them, I kept to my room and got a surprising amount of college work done. Mum and Dad are still living here, but theyre living seperate lives under one roof. I dont really know what to do. The few places I feel at home I cant go because im broke alot of the time. Its out of choice though, my parents would give me money if I asked, but im too stubborn or proud to ask. I dont really know what I want to do anymore, only that I need to get out of here, whether thats moving county or moving country, I dont know.

I just realised the last time I blogged was in 2008. It ended pretty awfully, the same way it began, and im not upset to see the back of it. 2009 was looking up until this, and im not going to let it spoil my year. I made so many good friends in '08, people id like to think I will be able to call friends for life, but people move on and change, as was proven to me at the beginning of this year. Someone I thought id call a friend for life decided to tell me she'd been deceiving me all along. I was pretty heartbroken to be honest. I trusted her with alot, and having her lie to me was like a kick in the head. I never usually let people in, which is half the reason I have this blog. It feels alot easier to write it to some unknown third party than telling someone to their face.

I stopped drinking this year too, im not claiming edge or anything, I just dont feel that its something I need in my life right now, it can only do bad to my frame of mind. I tend to find myself not making as many stupid mistakes as I used to. I have a clearer head most of the time. I tend to spend as much time as I can these days not in Ardee, this town gets me down so much.

This year will hopefully play out well. April will be a class month for shows, then the Famine launch in May, and im putting them on in the Town Hall on the 9th of May. Im going to try my best to get to two of Brand New's dates in England too, and theres talk of me heading to see NFG a few times with the Gajit. The Wonder Years are coming in July and hopefully Have Heart/Shipwreck and Rise and Fall at some stage too.

Hopefully ill get to see FAW and The Prestige on Sunday, im interested to hear how they sound. Its been too long since I was at a show.

Carpo, attempting to stay posi.



Anonymous said...

You're welcome at Chez Sinclair anytime dude.

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