Sunday, November 16, 2008


Stands for Happy Birthday Moshspace! Haha. Sweet buzz.

This show was on Friday. I was meant to go into town early so I could hang with cool dudes but I missed my bus in. Got there just after 7, and went to hang with Nelly for a little bit. It was my first time meeting him in real life and hes just as good a dude as I expected him to be. We had the chats for a bit and I grabbed a drink and shit. Gajjy, Tracy, Ciaran, Mark and a girl whos name I dont know (sorry!) came then. I havent seen Graham and Ciaran in ages and they are seriously two of my favourite people ever. Ciaran is never drinking again apparently, haha. What a lad. Mark is a class dude aswell, had a chat with him about Lionheart and shit. Veteran are down to come and play a show which is sweet.

Graham is class. I seriously need to spend more time with the guy. Birmingham is going to fucking rule.

It was my first time meeting Tracy too, and shes class. We only talked for a bit but shes a savage girl altogether.

The gig anyway. Inflatable Gods came on first and they were so good. The Punchline cover was good. No A Wave Came though. I was gutted. They were probably my favourite band of the night, they have gotten so good. I meant to have the chats with Foxy but didnt get to cos I had to get my bus. Bad times.

Cornered were on next and they were fucking heavy. Johnathon is a class vocalist. The last song they played was the best thing ive ever heard. They should play every show.

Find A Way were next, and theyre my favourite local band. I sang along and danced and held up people who dived. MOSH TO DIVE. The intro to Community that they played was insane. The end of Community itself was class.

Ciaran Parnell was the last act I saw. He was his usual class self. Ceding Fiction is my favourite song and he played it. He played 5.2 Megapixels aswell, which is a song about lurking hard. Thats the realest shit.

I was so upset that I missed FF, but it couldnt be avoided. Theyre one of my favourite bands full stop, nevermind local. Everyone needs to listen to them, seriously. The album is going to be amazing.

The rest of the weekend was alright I suppose. Birmingham next weekend will be really good. Im missing Sas' party though. Kinda gutted, but im sure she understands.

Fucking hell, I really never have anything to say in blog's, I might just stop.




Alex said...

Girl who's name you didn't know was probably Niamh haha.

Graham said...

Haha it was.
Birmingham '08 :D