Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Carpo is Planning an Escape...

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So its been ages since I updated this, and the last one was angry as fuck. Last few weeks have been full of the buzz,hangouts and shows and whatnot. Debs was in there somewhere, seems like ages ago. Dawned on me how much ill miss some people at it, fuck like. Ive an interview for college on Friday, which is two days away. I hope I get it, id rather do it than sit on my arse for a year, I already did that last year. Alkaline Trio was last night. They fucking played Bleeder. It was the best shit ever. We also got Old School Reasons in the encore. The Nine IX Lives lads/lady were class too. The new tunes are amazing, espescially the second one they played. Record that shit. I thought Gajjib was gonna storm the stage for Radio. Before I die, I will see him mosh hard.

My bud Karl got his place in Pulse recording today. Im chuffed, hell be so good there. Traditional learning shit never suited him, but hes a genius. Have I actually updated this since I got my LC results? I got like, 300 points, and failed two. I reckon ill come up a grade or two in rechecks, so im guessing ill be hitting around 350 - 360. Sweet. Gareth got Maynooth, and although im chuffed for him, ill miss the fucker so much. For all our fights and stuff, I love the guy. Im just so shit that id never tell him that, so I guess I can only blame myself for the stress our friendship has been under sometimes.

This weekend will be the bizzzz and a half. Friday I gotta view my exams, and have my interview, then its a mates going away party, hes hitting Australia, well, forever. Fair balls but still. Heading out to see an ACDC tribute band that night then, which on the real, should be class.
Saturday I think im working, but if im not, im gonna stall it into Dublin for a bit. After that im going to see the Futile Junkies in the Castle, then heading to Paddys 21st, where ill see everyone, YERRRRRR. Even the Burkes, including Niamh, who needs a shower, seriously, (HAI NIAMH) and Tasha and Sinead. Wahey. Should be an epic night. I hafta get up at silly o clock the next morning to go to Knock though. Fook like. But still, a whole day with Danny and Navan. Good times.

This year, if all goes ahead, will be soooo fucking good. Ive loadsa plans, which include loads of my new friends, including Colm, who I can safely say is the nicest dude ive met in a long time.
Ill be all over the country hopefully, because all my friends are at college away from home, so I have dibs on all of their couches haha. Im 18 in 2 weeks or so. Fuck like, ive waited so long for it. I can finally go to shows and whatnot. Buy a pint legally, that really is going to be class. Hopefully 18 will bring someone who actually finds me desirable too haha. Im gonna grow a beard, fuck that shit.

Easy Core tour in November with "the lads" will be the tits, as will Karls Bday weekend. On another note, Karls new girlfriend is mad sound, which is class, cos he said the other day that he knows I hated all his ex girlfriends, which is really true. He attracts dopes and psychos, but Niamh is grand haha.

Seriously hate to be back at school, alot of the lads and lassies are. By 2010, our once beloved ACS will be a Nazi regime. RIP.

Now listening to : All or Nothing.

Later dooooooodz.

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Sean said...

Definitely grow a beard. If I didn't have red facial hair I'd have a beard down to me arse by now. Make it happen. I'll be stalling to the Easycore tour with Macker. Sweet times.