Thursday, July 17, 2008

Im so out of touch..

My fingers are crossed.

Im listening to All or Nothing loads lately. Everyone get into them.

Its been quite a while since I blogged. Since I last blogged, ive seen said girl in below post quite a bit. She has a boyfriend, as usual with me, but shes still class.

I was at Oxegen last weekend and it was class. Best dudes and class music. Justice were class, as were Aphex Twin and Holy Fuck. Getting wasted with the lads was great too. B24 was the business. Some people acted like dopes all weekend and fucking wrecked the buzz though. Sort your life out. I didnt wanna come home atall, but when I did I went straight back into work which sucked.

If you have listened to anything ive ever blogged about DBH youll know how much this summer means to alot of people. So many bands coming over, so many people putting their necks on the line for people to enjoy those bands. Please show a little support. Id show so much more if I had the money. Demented Fest is this weekend. Every good local band are playing, plus its Another Day In Hells last ever show. I fucking love that band so much, ill miss them something fierce. Please try make it to Dorans in Temple Bar on Saturday and Sunday to get an idea of what is going down right on our doorstep.

What the fuck is my problem?
Im running out of promises i made and had to break
and everything falls apart
and im losing fight after fight
and frustration overcomes
and the saddest songs
will sing themselves to sleep.

My best friend goes away for two weeks on Saturday. I get to see her tomorrow night, which should be fun, but I havent seen for ages and I hope shes okay. Im going to miss her a ridiculous amount. Fuck anybody who tells me she drags me down. Its a fucking lie. Shes one of the few people in the world who genuinely make me feel alive.

Please dont settle for second best, with that fucking douche bag. I know im not exactly prime rib shit here, but hes a douche. Im not claiming to be any better for you than he is but please, anyone but him.

Come to Demented Fest and mosh hard.


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