Friday, June 13, 2008

It looks like I wont be around.

But you wont know.

Im starting to wonder how much some people would care if they never spoke to me again. Some people say all these wonderful words. But thats all it is to me, isnt it? Its always words. Never actions. Thats my problem I guess.

Andrew told me to post some angsty motherfucking lyrics hahaha.
Birra Seventy Times Seven?

Andrew, by the way, is the best dude ever. Its a tad scary how much we have in common. Pity about the distance, im pretty sure wed be real good mates only for it.

Anyway yeah. No, im not mad at you. I could be but im not. Id rather not ruin whatever good mood I thought you were in. I know you think your summer is going shit but, you have so much going for you at the minute. You even have the guy you clearly want most back in your life. Congrats I guess. I now come in a valiant 5th place. HUZZAH. I was distant that day because I really didnt want to dampen your mood. Yeah, sure I wanted a hug or whatever, but it means way more to me seeing you happy. Its weird that for you to be happy, ultimately, ill have to be quite unhappy. Its worth it. For someone to succeed in getting what they want in life, someone must fail.

I went to SYB a couple weeks ago and it was great. Much props to Iano, Zach, Chris, Robb, SYB and Joe Warner for having the buzz in Stephens Green with me. Was a class day. Gig itself was savage. Real Talk! killed it, as did FD. FF new tracks are so fucking good. In Zachs words, "awhhh fuck yeah" hahaha. Im going to Comeback Kid next Monday. Im so fucking stoked. Theyre one of my favourite bands, and to see them in somewhere like Dorans with so many good dudes will rule.

People need to start acting like dopes. Going out of your way just to "ruin someones rep". Cop the fuck on. I dont have a rep. If I did, itd be a bad one, in fairness.

Im listening to Brand New at the minute. I should probably stop. Jesse Lacey does strange things to my head.

You burnt bright but you run out
Let's sleep at the incline
I can't shake this tiny feeling
I'll never say anything right

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