Monday, January 14, 2008

Um. ?

Just a dash,a half,a conceited single to steady myself. My heart is turning itself inside out with the anticipation.
Hood up. Upstairs. Half a bottle. Gone. Frozen to my seat. Talk to your friend. Yeah,go on do it. Which one is it?
The one with her hood up.
Im leaving guys. Oh fine,ditch us again. For someone you dont know. Foot on the ground. Its cold.
Hey look,its him. Hug? Hug. Brief embrace,no more than a caress.
A crutch? A crutch. I need another drink. I cant even speak for lack of sleep. Awestruck by beauty. A drink,i need a drink.
An attack. Attack, my senses with feeling. Even my warmth cant dry the tears you're bleeding. Your breath. My breath.
Intertwined as one. I only wish our breaths could be interwined as one. A friend. A friend. Thats all ill ever be.
I cant even explain what this is doing to me. Im happy for you. You're finding yourself. But ill still be here.
A vintage bottle. On your shelf.

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i like this.