Monday, December 17, 2007

So much for my good mood

You used to care.
We used to be fucking friends.

Only guys you dont care bout,huh? Dont bullshit me anymore,it'd be nice to hear the truth now. How many other things youve told me have been lies? Lately it seems everything is going wrong for me,but the last few days had been fine. I talked to you Saturday night, and you know what you said. LITTLE did i know,that earlier that day youd been proving exactly that wrong. I trusted you with everything. Comforted you. And hence, believed every empty fucking word you said. It was an elabarote story, and i believed it. Probably wouldnt have from anyone else, but i did from you. Turns out,your best friend HAS a conscience, and decided it was unfair on me to let you do this, so she came clean on your behalf.


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iano said...

i know how this feels bro, good entry