Thursday, December 13, 2007


If you didnt want to ask me, have the balls to say it. Lately im finding out who mates are,and aren't. It hurts like fuck,but i guess id rather find out. So,a shindig is held,and lots of alcohol will be consumed,and you dont want someone ruining your night by being fucking sensible? or being honest? The last time this happened, I slept outside in the freezing cold like. I didn't "Get home safely at 3am". Instead of spinning me some bullshit,blaming other people,i wouldve been cool with it had you been honest. I didnt even know it was happening till someone told me accidentally. Bit of decency would've been nice.
As for..the other person... I know she has it in for me,but you're my best friend,so its all good. I understand why you couldn't cross her,cos i know how much you care. I was there through the extremely tedious,hyper real dialougue. Im sure ill hitch a lift somehow ha.
Im in work christmas eve,st Stephens day,and New years eve. Thats pretty shit,but ill need the money over christmas,im broke as it is. Bought my NFG ticket today,i gotta learn the words to some songs now,cos im a poser. Glenn's right yo. Cant make up my mind what to do this weekend,town with my sister on Sat maybe, chill sunday.
Ive been freaking out about like... my future... lately. I dont even like mentioning it. What if i fuck up the leaving? Dont get into college? Dont get what i want from life. I should be studying,but i miss more school than ever. Im a dosser,in the worst sense. I cant even do ordinary level irish,even though i blame Ms. Byrne for that.

Im gonna head to bed now.

"Everything,everything,everything,everything is,going to be ok"

Carpo x


Glenn said...

Yo check check

Glenn said...

Fuck yeah.

Right, yeah, listen to those songs because they're class, not to look cool or anything. It'll be class.

Ditch those losers you're talking about and hang out on the internet all day. That's what I do.

Carpo said...

Internet chilling roolz.